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My Debut Novel Girls Don't Cry is available on Amazon Right now!

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 A decade after his young daughter’s murder, a grief-stricken father’s need for justice puts his own life in danger as events spiral out of control . . .

Ever since Caitlin Grady was released from prison, Darren has been tormented by rage and injustice. He finds himself venting online, where a stranger befriends him—and encourages him to seek revenge.

But Caitlin no longer goes by that name. She has been given a new identity and is living quietly, dreading exposure as the tabloids—with help from her publicity-hungry mother—try to hunt her down. And having committed the crime at age eleven, Caitlin struggles as an adult on her own, out in the world beyond prison walls.

Will Darren manage to track Caitlin down, and if he does, will he be able to carry out his plans?
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I write psychological thrillers and crime novels.

My debut novel Girls Don't Cry was a finalist in

the 2022 Page Turner Awards

I am also an award-winning playwright having written scripts for theatre as well as radio and TV. 

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'Couldn’t put this one down! An excellent story line that keeps you gripped all the way to the end, with an ending I did not see coming at all! The characters are incredibly well written.'

'This is a moving and compassionate book.'

'A great read and an emotional rollercoaster of a story'

Praise & Reviews for Girls Don't Cry

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